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2012 NFL Draft – The Andrew Luck Lottery is on – Daily News Corner


2012 NFL Draft – The Andrew Luck Lottery is on


2012 NFL Draft - The Andrew Luck Lottery is onThe 2012 NFL Draft, which has been come to be known by some as the Andrew Luck Lottery, is quite likely to prove the most exciting and highly anticipated drat in recent history, with Luck having been slated as the number one prospect during 2011.

As it stands, through four weeks of pro football, four teams are still to bring home a win and seven others have only claimed victory once. That being said though, there are only three of the 11 teams in question who quite seriously need a quarterback. It therefore remains to be seen where Luck ends up, but in any case there are certainly three teams best positioned to take him.

Whether Peyton Manning suits up or not for 2012, scoring Andrew Luck could be crucial for the Indianapolis Colts. If Manning does play next Autumn, the drafting of Luck will have set much better foundations for when Peyton retires.

With regard to the Miami Dolphins, the question is how long can Matt Moore and Chad Henne remain their answer?

The question in Miami is how much longer can Chad Henne and/or Matt Moore be their answer?

Seahawks fans on the other hand need to be asking whether or not Tavaris Jackson is really the best long-term solution. Of course, the simple answer is ‘no’ because Andrew Luck is already far better than him.

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