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Alyzair breaks into African market – Daily News Corner


Alyzair breaks into African market


Alyzair, a French pioneer of innovative technologies regarding Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) services that allows airlines to turn every flight into a valuable source of operational and safety information, has brought its solution set to African airline and commercial aircraft operators through Hi-Fly Marketing, a Cape Town based specialist in the fulfilment of technology for the aviation industry.

Created in 1995, first as a flight data analysis department of a former French airline, Alyzair has developed a innovative customer web interface, alyzia.net, available 24/7 anywhere worldwide with interactive characteristics which has revolutionized the way airline could handle their Safety Management System (SMS).

Also referred to as casino poland Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Operational Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) is the exploitation and meticulous study of flight data to enhance flight safety. The more detailed and imaginative the analysis, the greater the value of the Flight Data Monitoring program to the aircraft operator.

Alyzair gives technical and operations teams a complete analysis of flight data, including flight data replay, flight data analysis, advanced and graphical analysis, 3D flight animation, statistics and trend indicators, quality assurance tools, recording media management and rate of analysis follow-up. It also provides MOQA-oriented features (Maintenance Operation Quality Assurance), particularly engine parameters export for trend monitoring purposes to optimise aircraft performance as part of its basic FDM package.

“More than 20 major airlines internationally have selected Alyzair as a highly skilled, and highly professional partner that turns their flight data into a valuable business tool,” says Alexandra Guillot, general manager of Hi-Fly Marketing. “African airlines have a rare opportunity as economies come out of recession to get their systems modernised and streamlined to be competitive against increasing pressure from large international carriers. Alyzair allows them to reach compliance with current standards and regulatory requirements, such as EASA, ICAO or IOSA* in a rapid and extremely cost effective way, with no up-front capital expenditure.”

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