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Amazon Kindle Fire Sidelines Google Apps – Daily News Corner


Amazon Kindle Fire Sidelines Google Apps


amazon kindle fire, kindle fire, kindle fire appsThe Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best selling Android tablets in the market to date. However, it appears Amazon does not take kindly the partnership it has with Google by shunning off most Google-related apps, like Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube apps from the Kindle Fire.

With the ad market shifting their focus to app-driven numbers rather than mobile browser traffic, Google’s advertising revenue may undergo quite a setback. It can be noted that experts have estimated the California-based tech giant to reach $20.3 billion in revenue by 2015 from 2010’s $3.3 billion.

On the other hand, Verizon Wireless is keeping the Google parts of the Android mobile phone platform intact. Actually, Verizon-serviced handsets have already started outselling their newest Apple counterpart, the Apple iPhone 4S.

According to Mashable, Verizon was able to provide 15 million of activated Android phones in 2011 while the iPhone stayed in a lower number at $10.8 million units.

Moreover, things are bound to stay that way as first quarter sales this year will not face the same number of units sold in Q4 2011 as stated by Verizon Wireless CFO, Fran Shammo.

Nevertheless, Google is only expected to lose nowhere above $300 million in mobile app revenues since Kindle Fire tablets account for nearly 10% alone. Google mobile revenues are estimated at $5.8 billion wherein nearly half of which is mobile-app-generated.

Technobloom has reported that approximately 250 million units of activated Android phones have helped in leveraging $11 billion worth of app downloads in 2011.

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