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Amazon to Release Two New Kindle Fires in 2012? – Daily News Corner


Amazon to Release Two New Kindle Fires in 2012?


amazon kindle fire, kindle fire, new kindle fireAs we wait with bated breath for the imminent arrival of the new iPad 3, one of Apple’s most formidable challengers is apparently planning to step up their game before the end of Q2 2012.

By this we are referring to Amazon, whose budget-priced Kindle Fire tablets were a big hit for customers not in the market for an iPad. A report posted by All Things Digital is suggesting that there may be two new Kindle Fire slates that may be hitting the shelves between March and June 2012. That’s right after the iPad’s expected launch date, in other words.

According to Chad Bartley, an online casino analyst from Pacific Crest, Amazon’s Kindle Fire sales might reach close to 15 million in 2012, an increase from his previous estimate of 12.7 million. Bartley mentioned that this would be a result of the two new Fire tablets being mooted for 2012, measuring 7 and 9 inches respectively.

As for the classic Kindle e-Reader, Bartley is expecting less of these to be sold than previously forecasted – from 28.6 million in an earlier estimate, this number is now down to 24 million. This is likely due to Amazon’s newfound emphasis on selling tablets rather than e-readers and focusing on the e-books and other apps that can be used on these tablets.

Since the All Things D report focused on the business side of things, there were no specifics mentioned on the two tablets’ features, except that one tablet may have a larger display. Another Apple rival, Samsung, is reportedly set to unveil an 11.6-inch tablet at this year’s MWC.  Indeed, things are just beginning to get interesting for the iPad’s top challengers.

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