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Angry Birds Top UK Halloween Costume Ideas


Angry Birds Top UK Halloween Costume Ideas Each and every year that passes sees millions being spent on Halloween festivities and 2011 appears to be no different. According to data gathered by a number of popular search engines, this year’s spooky holiday looks set to be bigger than ever, perhaps as record numbers seek a brief escape from the general drama and turmoil that the year has brought along so far.

Indeed, creativity also seems to have peaked this year, with some of the most interesting and somewhat less than predictable costume ideas proving national favorites.

According to the same data research organization, the number one costume idea for the UK is currently Angry Birds, proving once and for all that the phenomenon is still growing at record pace. Charlie Sheen took the number one slot in the US costume charts, though falls further down the UK list behind examples the likes of the Black Swan and Nicki Minaj.

Kids costume choice favorites for the year include Smurfette and characters from xxx, which again is another popularity sensation.

Such appears to be yet another example of the way in which a nation has responded to economic and general global uncertainty, which has plagued so many for the last couple of years. If there is a good enough excuse to escape reality for a day and really forget the troubles of the world most will inherently take it, and excuses really don’t come much bigger or better than Halloween.

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