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Apple Preparing for iPad 3 Launch in March – Daily News Corner


Apple Preparing for iPad 3 Launch in March


apple ipad 3, ipad 3, ipad 3 launch, ipad 3 release dateThere may not be any specific launch date announced yet, but it seems to be getting more and more obvious that Apple is planning to release their much-awaited iPad 3 next month, or by April at the very latest.

In fact, it may be previewed as early as the first few weeks of March, if a report by All Things Digital is accurate.

Does this mean we shall be learning more about the device in the weeks to come?

That seems highly likely. According to this report, Apple is in the process of preparing the tablet’s applications, specifically those pertaining to the graphical display. Speaking of such, the iPad 3’s screen might be the much-talked about “Retina display” with 2048 x 1538 or QXGA resolution. This makes it a vast improvement over the already impressive iPad 2.

Aside from the improved graphics, there has been talk of increased battery size and lifespan (thus perhaps a thicker iPad 3?) and improvements on the device’s camera. Thickness has been a big issue for a lot of tablet users, but even if it is, it might not be that much of an obstacle given the immense popularity of the iPad series. A faster, newer processor under the hood is another likely upgrade.

The excitement is rising as the countdown to the iPad 3’s release keeps ticking. Chances are we shall soon be able to separate the fact from the fiction and rumors from reality, even as Apple continues to play their cards close to their chests.

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