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Apple Takes over as Leading Smartphone Seller


apple, apple logoApple’s iPhone has long been regarded as a major technological force in the smartphone market. As such, it has enjoyed dominating sales ever since its introduction five years ago. Now the figures are in, and once again proving that the iPhone is also a definite leader in terms of dollars and cents.

According to a report from leading research firm Gartner Inc., Apple overtook Samsung in the fourth quarter of last year as the highest-selling smartphone manufacturer. In fact, Apple was 2011’s smartphone sales leader, as per Gartner’s statistics.

Apple sold a total of 472 million smartphones in the recently concluded year, which is equivalent to 31 percent of the entire smartphone market. However, as far as the general handset market is concerned, Apple is “still” at third overall behind Nokia and Samsung. This is still an improvement as they had only recently passed LG for the third spot.

Gartner mentioned in their report that Apple and Samsung were clearly dominant as their new releases propelled both manufacturers to banner years in 2011. As for manufacturers such as Research in Motion (RIM), LG and Sony Ericsson, Gartner was not impressed with their performance for the previous year. The iPhone 4S was cited as the main reason for Apple’s astounding success last year, as the Cupertino, CA-based company sold 35.5 million iPhones in Q4 2011.

Apple’s iOS platform also posted significant gains in 2011, moving past Nokia’s Symbian as the second leading operating system in the market with a 23.8 percent share. Once again, Android was the unquestioned leader in operating systems, posting a 50.9 percent share, down 1.6 percent from Q3 2011 numbers.

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