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Argentinian players can have sex on free days – Daily News Corner


Argentinian players can have sex on free days


The Argentinian football team was given permission to have sex on free days during the South African World Cup this summer when there is no matchday, but only with their regular partner, without any alcohol consumption, said Donato Villami in Radio del Plata.

The doctor of the national team added: „Sex is a part of social life everywhere in the world, it’s nothing wrong with it. In our case the problem is when its carried to far, if it’s associated with other things, if it happens with different partners and for example if it happens in resting time. There is no problem, if it doesn’t happen at 2 am with a bit of champagne and Havana cigars around”.

At the South African tournament, which kicks off on June 11, the Argentinian team first will play against Nigeria, then the with the Greeks and South Korea in Group B.

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