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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 Delivers the Goods


AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 Delivers the GoodsAfter most of the year spent in infuriating silence and a large sprinkling or speculation, Samsung finally came clean with their new range of Samsung Galaxy S2 devices for the US market – by way of three versions for the Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile networks. In this particular instance, it is the AT&T variant we will be calling into question, with regard to exactly whether or not it was worth the seemingly endless wait.

Well, at first glance and feel it becomes apparent that those looking for pretty much the thinnest and lightest top-end Smartphone on the planet will find exactly what they are looking for in the AT&T S2.

Spec-wise, the S2 features the same internal components and goodies as the rest of the global S2 range, but this is something we’ve already known for quite some time now. Processing power comes courtesy of the superb 1.2GHz dual core chip we have come to known and love, along with the 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen present on most other versions.

The main camera is an 8 megapixel beast with 1808p HD video recording, while the 1650mAh battery certainly delivers the goods for the long run.

All in all, we expected big things all along and it appears they have been delivered on, but is the wow factor really enough at this stage in the game? Time will tell, but with other powerhouses including the Motorola Droid Bionic and the iPhone 5 set to land in the very near future, the S2 will certainly have its work cut out.

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