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Beta Version of Google Chrome Now Available on Android


google chrome, chromeGoogle announced yesterday the release of a beta test version of their popular Chrome browser, exclusive for Android phones and tablets.

However, as this beta version only runs on the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform, only a small percentage of Android users may be able to enjoy it for now. This would include users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first-ever phone to ship with ICS.

According to the Android Market site, Chrome Beta will feature the same basic interface and fast browsing speed that it has been known for on its previous versions. Users can sync up their PC or laptop bookmarks with those being used on their handsets or tablets. Selecting favorite websites and conducting Internet searches can be done quite easily as it is in other Chrome versions. And in an exclusive for ICS users, closing a tab is as easy as swiping the screen.

But as would be the case for most beta versions, users would be best advised to temper their expectations. Though there are no widely reported bugs at the moment, we can likely expect a few to be eventually cited by users of Chrome Beta for ICS.

Currently, Google has not announced a Chrome Beta release date for previous platforms such as Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

While many devices are set to receive ICS updates later on in the year, the majority of Android-powered gadgets still run on the two aforementioned versions of the operating system.

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