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Clove Pulls Out ASUS Transformer Prime following Hardware Issues – Daily News Corner


Clove Pulls Out ASUS Transformer Prime following Hardware Issues


asus transformer prime, transformer prime, asus eee pad, transformer prime issues, transformer prime updateIn a statement posted by Clove, the UK retailer announced they will stop selling the ASUS Transformer Prime until further notice.

The issues cited by Clove are nothing new to Transformer Prime users or even casual observers. Again, the tablet’s GPS performance has been cited as a factor, as has the recent update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Poor WiFi performance has also been a pressing concern for the retailer.

So even as Clove had resolved its supply problems by having some units stocked ahead of schedule, it looks like those units The Dealer upcard is the basis from which all Blackjack basic strategy is derived, since certain dealer upcards will actually give the player using Blackjack basic strategy a mathematical advantage over the Dealer. won’t even be available for sale, not until the hardware issues are resolved.

ASUS has, for the most part, been evasive about the Transformer Prime’s main drawbacks. When the first batch of complaints came up, they had responded by clarifying that the tablet was not meant to be used as a professional GPS device. They did try to fix the issue with a recent patch, but after that didn’t turn out as expected, they had pulled out any mention of GPS on their advertisements. As for the WiFi, ASUS denied that any WiFi problems even existed for UK users.

Clove did allay the concerns of customers who had already placed orders for the Transformer Prime, stating that payments for the device had not been billed to their cards. They also assured would-be customers that they will inform them via email when the Transformer Prime is once again available for purchase.

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