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Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan Compete with Shoes – Daily News Corner


Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan Compete with Shoes


Derrik Rose Adidas adiZero Rose 2.0, Michahel Jordan shoesDerrick Rose’s newest shoe line is going neck to neck with Michael Jordan’s “Fly Wade.” Rose’s Adidas released shoes are being known by its feature phrase “all flights canceled” are called the adiZero Rose 2. The arch of the shoe presumably mimics an airport departure board. The idea behind the catch phrase is that even if every flight is canceled, you can still make it to your destination quickly in your stylish Rose 2, light weight trainers.

Jordan shoes are known for having their own special history. The original Jordan 1, was banned from the NBA for being to dazzlingly bright. The Jordan 2 originally got inspired by boots made in Italy for the woman in the 19-century. Jordan 3 happened to be the first shoe to have the logo “jumpman.” Also this shoe was fortunate enough to have a television commercial in which Spike Lee was featured as Mar’s Blackmon. The Jordan 4 was on his feet in 1989 playoffs. When the World War 2 fighter plane came into action, the Jordan 5 was made out of that inspiration. The Jordan 7 is mainly known for being in league with the Olympic Dream Team.

Although Rose is now famous for his shoes, he was not old enough to understand the Jordan mania that was going around before his time. His brothers however were very much into the Jordan jumpers. They would each buy a pair of different colors, and mix and match until their feet grew into different sizes.

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