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Enormous Demand for Samsung Galaxy S2


Enormous Demand for Samsung Galaxy S2 Up to 50% of all respondents to a recent survey carried out by Betanews stated that they would be upgrading to the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S2 within the next six months. Furthermore, just over 40% went one step further to state that they will be buying their own S2 within the next 3 months, which is likely to result in a veritable frenzy of sales when the Sprint version of the S2 is officially launched on Septmeber 16th.

Of course, with only 300 or so individuals having been polled the survey is far from conclusive, though certainly serves as a good example as to how focused the minds of the consumer world are on the new Samsung heavyweight.

The three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 expected by US carriers are to feature minor tweaks and alterations but will essentially come packed with the same high-end hardware across the board. Processing power comes courtesy of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the Super AMOLED display s of course the crowning glory of the device and the TouchWiz interface provides the quite sublime UI.

Needless to say therefore, the specs and stats really do all the talking the S2 needs and surveys at this stage are really less than essential. In a nutshell, expect a stampede the likes of which has only been repeated for Apple products before, though Samsung may in fact learn from the mistakes of Apple and avoid the usual shambolic display of disorganization.

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