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iPad 3 Set for Early March Preview? – Daily News Corner


iPad 3 Set for Early March Preview?


apple ipad 3, ipad 3, ipad 3 release date, ipad 3 featuresBrace yourself, everyone, because the tablet you’ve all been waiting for just might be around the corner.  We’re referring to none other than Apple’s iPad 3, which is still rumored for a March release date. And according to a new report from iMore, Apple may be hosting a special event on Wednesday, March 7, to preview their latest, perhaps greatest iPad for the very first time.

iMore mentioned that their sources were reliable in the past, so if they’re on the level, then we have less than a month’s wait before the new iPad is finally unveiled. This is congruous to a previous report from AllThingsD, which also speculated an early March preview for the new slate. And those paying attention to iMore’s hit-and-miss record may remember that they accurately predicted an October 2011 launch date for the iPhone 4S in August of last year.

History also favors iMore’s new scoop, as the iPad 2 was also unveiled on a Wednesday – March 2, 2011, to be exact. It wasn’t much more than a week later when the device hit the shelves for the first time and sold like hotcakes, as one may expect from Apple’s products nowadays.

Aside from posting details on the iPad 3’s prospective unveiling, iMore also liberally discussed the upcoming slate’s possible features.  Similar to other rumors, the iPad 3 may support 4G LTE connectivity, and will most likely boast of an incredibly high resolution display.

Regarding the under-the-hood specs, the iPad 3 may be powered by a quad-core CPU – other sources say the iPad 3 will be powered by a dual-core CPU, so we’ll have to wait and see whether iMore is spot-on with their processor rumor or not.

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