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iPad Users at Risk of RSI?


ipad, apple ipad, ipad risksAccording to several leading UK broadsheets, the iPad poses a risk to its users in the form of RSI, or repetitive strain injury. This condition is distinguished by lingering pain in the hands and wrists, usually a result of repeated keystrokes on an electronic device (like a computer, laptop or tablet) and improper posture.

Apparently, the main source for these newspaper articles was a blog entry from Ergolab. The post thoroughly panned the iPad’s “ergonomic challenges”, comparing it to a laptop mobilephonescoop.com in that department. It stressed that neck strain would result from typing on the touchscreen with the iPad laid on a level surface. In addition to a strained neck, eye strain was also pointed out as a possible consequence of using the iPad in this traditional fashion.

The Daily Mail, on the other hand, highlighted a condition they called “iPad Hand”, a result of repeatedly swiping the phone’s touchscreen. This would not only affect the hand, but the rest of the arm as well. Again, the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard was cited by the Mail, however this is more or less the case with most other tablets due to their general design characteristics.

One of the iPad’s few drawbacks has been its docking station, which would allow users to connect a keyboard to the tablet. While this may make the act of typing easier on its own, the fact that the dock’s height cannot be adjusted hasn’t done the iPad many favors in the comfort department. As such, many medical specialists still advise tablet users to watch their posture and minimize tablet usage to avoid the risk of injury.

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