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iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Rumor Round Up


iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Rumor Round UpRumors regarding the future of both the iPhone and the iPad never seem to die down for more than a day or two, usually returning with more pith and fight than ever before. Needless to say, up to 99% of all we hear is nothing other than educated (or perhaps entirely to the contrary) guesswork, therefore must be taken with the usual grain of salt. That being said, at this particular stage in the game, it is becoming possible to filter out the works of fantasy and assemble one or two overall picture as to what can be expected, with at least a reasonable degree of realism.

First and foremost, released date rumors have pegged the iPhone 5 as arriving practically every day since the Spring, though as it now stands the most optimistic and realistic estimations point to early October – according to a wide range of credible industry sources.

With regard to the iPad 3, this fall is also the latest expected launch window, which may well materialize in a device with 4G connectivity and a hugely increased display resolution. This unfortunately has considerably less backing than the iPhone 5 release date rumors – for now at least.

Back to the iPhone 5, the most common stirring at the moment spec-wise is that of a potentially larger screen. The newly released Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts a 4.3 inch display of stunning quality while the iPhone 4 measures in at 3.5 inches – leaving Apple in need of a little catching up to say the least.

The new iOS 5 operating system was recently the talk of the town upon its unveiling and is expected to launch on both the next iPad and the iPhone 5, but there is now a distinct possibility that the software will in fact launch before the hardware – as strange and approach as it may be.

Finally, there is the “Will it or won’t it?” with regard to NFC technology, which has been both fully ruled out and 100% guaranteed as a certainty on too many occasions to recount. The simple fact of the matter is the Apple will be including NFC in the iPhone at some stage, but perhaps not until the iPhone 6.

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