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Kindle Fire May Lead Amazon to Banner Q4 2011 – Daily News Corner


Kindle Fire May Lead Amazon to Banner Q4 2011


amazon kindle fire, kindle fire, kindle fire sales, amazon tabletWith Amazon set to release fourth quarter 2011 sales figures Tuesday, quite a few analysts are expecting big things from the reputed online retailer. And it’s hardly surprising these business specialists are tracing Amazon’s success to the Kindle Fire tablet computer.

According to Jordan Rohan of Stifel Nicolaus, the Amazon ecosystem of e-books, audio and video and the tablet’s inexpensive price of $199 may be the biggest reasons why the Kindle Fire is burning bright for Amazon. He stressed that the combination of both factors have helped Amazon carve its niche in the market, and may result in some impressive numbers for the fourth quarter.

Though Amazon is not expected to release specific sales numbers for the Kindle Fire, Rohan is one of several analysts quite optimistic about its fourth quarter sales. He is expecting that six million Kindle Fire units had been sold in the fourth quarter of last year, an increase of one million from his previous estimate. That said, such estimates are nowhere near Apple’s official iPad sales for Q4 2011, but this only corroborates the Kindle Fire’s success and popularity with those in the market for a lower-priced tablet.

In related news, Rohan was all praises for Amazon’s marketing strategy, citing a paradigm shift in the manner of content delivery that could result in lower subsidies for shipping.

As such, the inverse relation of Amazon’s software attach rates and the cost of the tablet may be more than just an attempt to target a niche market, but also a way to help the online retailer save money in the long run.

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