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Leading Data Security Company VASCO Launches Multi-OTP Technology – Daily News Corner


Leading Data Security Company VASCO Launches Multi-OTP Technology


VASCO, the leader in Internet security introduced its new technology focusing on authentication solutions. The new technology enables users to secure multiple applications using different one-time passwords. This result can be achieved by adopting just a single authentication device. Moreover, the security level of OTP’s can be enhanced with every push of the authentication button.

The multi-OTP technology from VASCO can be used in various applications of financial institutions. Particulary it can be used at the following fields:

– Online banking
– Stock trading
– Cash retrieval at the ATM
– Manage insurance policies

It’s important to note that VASCO’s DIGIPASS products which contains one-button authentication devices can be installed with multi-OTP technology, depending on customers requests.

A multi-OTP equipped device operates the following way:

– By pressing the one-button once, user will get an OTP which will be used to log on the online application.

– By pressing the button twice, a personalized message will be displayed and will followed by an OTP. This OTP can be used as a payment OTP for trusted accounts.

– By pressing the button three times, another customized message and an new OTP will appear, which can be uxed for such transactions that have a high risk.

– By pressing the button four times, we can switch off the DIGIPASS.

VASCO’s multi-OTP technology enables banks and other financial institutions to act real-time and adopt the right OTP’s for the different applications.

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