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McNabb Signs Deal With the Redskins – Daily News Corner


McNabb Signs Deal With the Redskins


This Monday, Donovan McNabb signed an agreement with the Washington Redskins on a five-year contract, and by the following day the details of the deal were released to the public. The five-year extension is worth a whopping $70 million. The maximum value of the deal adds up to $88.5 million if he can manage to bring the Redskins to the Super Bowl every year.

However, some question whether the deal will actually go through, as the Red Skins are obligated to decide whether they’ll pay McNabb a $10 option bonus during the coming offseason. If they decide not to pay McNabb this amount, he would become an unrestricted free agent during a time when several teams are looking for a new quarterback.

Supposedly, the new contract is worded so that it contains $40 million in guarantees, and the redskins do have the option to cut McNabb at the need of the season if they feel the need to do so. When asked on Tuesday about the possibility of him not being with the Redskins next season, he stated that there are terms in the deal that were necessitated by the possibility of a lockout, however that does not mean he will not be a Redskin next year, or even the year after that.

This coming after the redskins paid McNabb $3.75 million in 2010, just to have the right to pay him $12.5 million during the 2011 season.

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