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Medicare Changes for 2012 – Daily News Corner


Medicare Changes for 2012


Medicare Changes for 2012Medicare is somewhat different this year in light of recent health care reforms, which is something millions of citizens may be unaware of though could benefit hugely from picking up a few essential key points.

First and foremost, seniors are being urged to stay fully aware of deductibles and the like, as both part of Medicare (A and B) have their own applicable deductibles. Furthermore, Part A deductibles are not tied to a full calendar year, but rather a 90 day period, with a few exceptions.

There are of course a number of gaps in the Medicare program, though those concerned have the option to enroll in specially tailored and government regulated insurance services designed to fill all such gaps whenever present.

New Medicare enrolment dates are also in effect. Most beneficiaries are able to change their stand alone plan or Medicare Advantage plan once each year during the annual enrolment period, which this year falls between October 15th and December 7th.

Finally, it is hugely beneficial to compare drug coverage each and every year before renewing or switching. PlanPrescriber.com is an excellent resource for this, comparing Medicare plans on a like for like basis, having looked at 25,000 user sessions and options during the enrolment period last year.

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