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New iPod Touch Line to Offer 3G Connectivity


New iPod Touch Line to Offer 3G ConnectivityA number of accredited sources within the mobile technology industry have come forward to suggest that the new iPod Touch range from Apple will feature devices that are essentially mini-iPads, carrying the same compatibility with 3G networks as their larger cousins. According to the reports, Apple have already worked out a number of non-contract plans with their carrier partners, exactly as is the case with the iPad range.

The suggestions indeed seem hugely credible, as it has long been known that Apple intend to focus much attention on their iCloud services, pushing the sharing and syncing service to be launched later this fall. By affording the iPod Touch a 3G radio, users will have the ability to stay connected at all times, just as is currently possible for iPhone and iPad users.


The new generation of iPods are said to look largely similar to the current range and will not feature voice capabilities, therefore will remain several leagues below the iPhone. Sources have been keen to point out that apple have in no way confirmed their intention to fit a 3G radio in the Touch range, though have acknowledged the need for and value of the idea.

Apple are expected to hold something of a press event in the not too distant future so as to lay bare plans regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 and perhaps the new iPod Touch range. A number of leaks have already suggested that both devices are well into the final production stages and it is now simply a matter of Apple deciding when the time is right.

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