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Our Editors

DailyNewsCorner.com features an enthusiastic group of talented individuals who love their job. As your feedbacks and opinions are indispensable for us, we actively encourage you to get in touch with us and share with us your thoughts, give us some tips.

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Stephen McDonald | Business, Finance
Stephen is an experienced writer, spending the last 9 years working for several online news magazines. He is widely known as a journalist who provide top business and  financial market insights spiced up with his unique approach that attract many readers.

Mark Schnitzler | Technology
Mark is our lead technology writer, who consistently churns out quality articles to satisfy our readers. We love him for his attention to details.

Nadia Vanderwerff | Lifestyle
Nadia is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Nursing. She is currently the managing editor of DNC’s Lifestyle section.

Robert Cernansky | Headlines, Travel
Robert – or “Bobby” as we call him – is the funny guy in our editorial room who can brighten your mood in a second, when you are having a bad day. He is responsible for the actual headlines and the travel section.

Dannie Heffron
Contributing writer

Nikki Cawley
Contributing writer

Jamey Defrain
Contributing writer