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Samsung to Cancel 32GB Galaxy Nexus? – Daily News Corner

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Samsung to Cancel 32GB Galaxy Nexus?


samsung galaxy nexus, galaxy nexus, 32gb galaxy nexusThere isn’t any doubting the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus as a great phone. Sure, it has its share of drawbacks, such as its rear-facing camera, which is only capable of 5-megapixel resolution, but that applies to all Galaxy Nexus phones anyway.

Storage space has been another main point of contention, particularly for non-Verizon users of the Galaxy Nexus.  This is because GSM Galaxy Nexus phones contain only 16GB worth of internal storage, as opposed to Verizon’s Nexus which contains 32GB.

Unfortunately for current or prospective users of the GSM Nexus, two recent online posts are implying that users anticipating a 32GB edition might as well quit waiting. A representative from Expansys posted on the XDA forums that Samsung would no longer be carrying the 32GB Galaxy Nexus on its roster of phones. Negri Electronics, on the other hand, tweeted a similar message. These statements, however, have yet to be corroborated by Samsung itself.

What does this mean for would-be buyers of a Galaxy Nexus in terms of options?

AT&T and T-Mobile looking to buy the handset would have no other choice but to make do with “only” 16GB for their files, apps and multimedia. Verizon customers looking to buy a Galaxy Nexus may have a similar predicament, as the white Galaxy Nexus that is due for release may also come with just 16GB storage internally.

There’s no word regarding Sprint’s plans for its rumored 32GB Galaxy Nexus, but given the recent developments, chances are their Nexus handsets may contain half that amount of storage space.

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