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Security Level Severe for Britain’s 2012 Olympics – Daily News Corner


Security Level Severe for Britain’s 2012 Olympics


During the 2012 Olympics, Britain’s national terror threat will stay at a severe level, according to the country’s National Counterterrorism minister. The current security level was elevated to the highest possible classification back in January which is indicative of an expected attack.

A series of counterterrorism drills will be performed in order to test the preparedness of the country to deal with a major incident. These simulations will be conducted in the count down to the opening ceremonies on July 27, 2012. “We must work on the assumption that the threat will remain as it is” security and counterterrorism minister Pauline Neville-Jones stated during an Olympic security conference. “A rigorous testing and exercising program is about to start involving all levels of management and responsible parts of government.”

An expected 9000 police officers each day will be present to protect London for the duration of the Olympics as well as to secure the transport network. Neville-Jones, who is a former administrator of Britain’s M15 domestic spy agency stated that this will be “one of the greatest challenges.”

Only one day after London received word that it had been awarded the Olympics back in 2005, the city’s transit network was targeted by suicide bombers in an event that left 52 people dead. The Metropolitan Police in London are also working on strategies and drills to prepare for action if the threat ever went from severe to critical.

In addition, there is also another area of concern surrounding cyber attacks after the Beijing 2008 Games were hit by about 12 million a day.

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