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Suicide Bombing Kills 20 People in Afghanistan – Daily News Corner

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Suicide Bombing Kills 20 People in Afghanistan


At least twenty people died in a suicide bomb attack on Saturday in Puli-Alam according to the Afghanistani health ministry. The earlier reports about 60 victims appeared to be false.

The health ministry has corrected its previous summary statement about the number of victims, adding that besides the victims there are about 25 injured people.

The attack was executed by a suicide bomber who was driving a jeep – said a spokesman for the provincial authorities. Most of the victims were members of the hospital’s medical staff.

In Afghanistan, the Talibans often carry out suicide bombings, particularly against the Afghan and international armies stationing in the country, as well as against public institutes. However, now they have denied that they have anything to do with this latest suicide bombing.

Previously, on Friday night a bomb equipped bike has exploded near a bazaar in north Afghanistan, killing at least 10 people. The government says the attack was carried out in Hanabad area at Kunduz province and 28 people, including five women and one policeman have been injured.

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