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Windows 8 Promises Drastic Revamp


windows 8, windows 8 osMicrosoft announced Wednesday that they will be holding a special event on Leap Day, February 29, where they will likely be previewing Windows 8 and discussing the myriad changes made on this most recent version of the venerable platform.

In addition to discussing the features and benefits of Windows 8, Microsoft is also expected to make the new Windows version publicly available for free beta testing. They did not announce any specifics as to when this would be, but it still remains probable that this beta version would be free of charge over a 24-hour time span.

Based on some of these upcoming changes, Windows is gearing these changes towards the current technological paradigm shift. Nowadays, more and more people are favoring tablets and smartphones to conventional PCs and laptops, and Windows 8 is expected to work on all of the above devices.

The new interface has been given the Metro moniker by Microsoft, and hopes to make switching between apps much easier by displaying them in tile format. Fans of the usual Windows interface need not worry, as Windows 8 will allow them the option to switch back to the old format.

Aside from increased user-friendliness and possibly increased compatibility, Windows 8 is expected to include touch-sensitive controls. This again underscores Microsoft’s emphasis on tablet and smartphone users, who are mostly accustomed to the convenient touch-screen format.

All told, Windows 8 will be a total makeover, and an exciting new development for tech buffs who would benefit from running such a platform on their high-end, hand-held devices.

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